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I work very hard to make sure our clients are happy, satisfied, and right where they want to be month to month. There is a sense of pride doing an excellent job but how often do you forget yourself?

As a preacher of content, value, and communication I lost my own voice to micro-updates (see: twitter, facebook, personal blogging, etc). As a new quarter begins I looked at what is done for many of our clients and I gave Nuance Labs it’s own upfit–bringing our web properties back under one roof. We had hoped that Business Catalyst would be truly a catalyst. Instead it ended up being a shallow but wide service that made it more and more difficult to work with. Which as anyone in productivity knows, the more you hate a tool the less likely you’ll ever use it.

Going back to my roots I want to reach out again and share what works for me and what is seen actively in the field. It’s time to quantify the magic seen daily and give you something that can help propel you forward to your next goal.

David Allen says that it’s not about getting kicked off the horse. That comes with life, every day. It’s how we put ourselves back on top that matters.

If you have questions from GTD to analytics, chime in and I’ll be glad to share some time with you.