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We live in a world that requires multidisciplinary talents. I’ve had a lot of experiences and roles that have contributed in making me, me.

Life compels me. Like a motor with a quick idle my internal drive always drifts me forward. I can’t stand still long, I love goals, I love reaching for the sky. I’m a mapper–a problem-solver.

Everything comes down to needing to collect as much data as you can about the problem then solving for it. Well, that sound’s easy enough (grin) the catch then becomes while juggling the debris (generally on fire) which flies around (at Mach 3) with as much grace (did I mention dancing on a ball) and effort that you can muster (is that clown makeup you’re wearing?).

Life is amazing, and difficult, and well worth running with. That’s why I really don’t like to be the problem. Let’s work towards the solution.

Things that Make Me

  • Husband & Father
  • Award Winning Family Chocolate Partner
  • Skydiver
  • Photographer
  • Avid Gamer

Business & Technology

  • Business Coach & Strategist
  • Graphic Designer / Illustrator
  • WordPress Developer
  • Email Marketing (Mailchimp)
  • Linux Server Deployer
  • Systems Administrator
Andy Ciordia - Vector