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Once Upon a Time …

Two guys, a Web geek and an organization freak, and their friends are in the process of building a service that will allow you, the person with too much to do, to organize and live your life in a stress-free way.

There is so much that goes into starting a business such as this. Making sure you understand the problem you’re trying to solve, assembling the right people to come up with the solution, making the solution real, structuring the business itself, and then getting the word out once you have something…there’s a lot to learn. On this blog, we’ll be talking about all of these things and more.

Why are we doing this? So that you can follow along, learning from our mistakes and cheering our victories, as we go. Our corporate mantra is, “Productive people, connected.” With this blog, we begin connecting people.

Bringing Us to Today

We run a productive, efficient business development company that helps clients realize gains by thinking more creatively, talking more honestly, and setting goals that can be attained.

Our current strategy is growing a more fundamental consulting company that generates results. All the time programming and planning, marketing and strategy were put to good educational benefits and we’ve been applying them to small businesses now for years.

Here we work to build a solid relationship with hundreds of small businesses. Applying all we have as a technology agency with our productivity and GTD methodologies to create as Kathy Sierra termed it, ‘Kick ass‘ experiences.

We’d love for you to get involved with us so feel free to contact us for more information!