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The Age of Choice

Facebook, instagram, Vine, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, etc etc etc

There is a niche for every type of person now. With the wonderland of choices which rabbit hole do you invest your time following?

Where’s Your Demographic?

A common client request is to set them up on <Popular Platform Choice of Perceived Value>. When questioned further about why they choose that they often don’t have a good foundation to think upon.

You want to be where the demographics, the clients, the fans are.

If buzz is created in a forrest with no one listening, did the buzz ever exist?

Community is Hard to Foster, Harder to Create

Find out where your people are and join them, revel with them, enjoy their company, their lives, and let reciprocity help. We’ve been preaching ‘Be a Human’ since the beginning and that is so very important with community building.

You have to be involved.

In your business there were never any quick and easy things that worked. Hard work equated into hard gains and you are probably fighting every day to maintain and grow. It’s just the nature of the beast so don’t expect it to be easy on your marketing either. Be a good steward, find offers that make sense to those you ware talking to, broadcast less talk more and build great relationships.

Where are the Fish